bloodlife     Blood is life for vertebrate life forms.  Blood connects tissue with all that tissue needs to remain alive, and to function properly – oxygen, nutrients, chemical hormones, and water – especially water.  Blood, in order to accomplish its task contains red blood cells, white blood cells platelets, salts, proteins, glucose, nitrogen, chemical hormones, and water – especially water.

        "I will set my face against that person who eats blood, and will cut him off from among the people, because the life of the flesh is in the blood." Leviticus 17.10-11

"You were not redeemed with perishable things, like gold or silver…but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ." I Peter 1.18-19 

            Water is necessary to all cell functions.  Water is the medium that allows the other elements of blood to be transported to cells that need those elements. 90% of blood is water.  Without water there would be no blood.  Without water there would be no life.  We are alive because there is water in the blood.

            This is why, cosmologically, water is so important.  Astronomers search the surfaces of planets and their moons for some signs of water.  If there is water there can be life.  The Bible (Genesis 1) begins with God and water.  Before there was light, the spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.  God never says “Let there be water,” in Genesis 1-2.  He doesn’t have to, it is already there.  In the creation account God divides the water, and causes dry land to appear.  In the beginning there was God, and water, and God hovering over the water, applying his creative force.

            Without water there is no life.  In Chile, on the western side of the Andes, there are places where it has not rained for thousands of years.  There are stretches of land which are the driest places on earth.  Yet there are some patches of life – The sea provides mist, the cool night air produces condensation, and enough water is formed to allow a few cactus to live.  The cactus store the water, hummingbirds feed on the cactus flowers, and get enough water to sustain their blood, their life.  Water is life.

            Blood is life.  The first verse above says so.  We know so.  Blood sustains – it carries life to cells.  Blood cleanses – it carries waste away from cells.  No one can survive ex-sanguination.  No one can survive without the blood-cleansing work of their kidneys.  The second verse above reminds us that blood is the necessity of spiritual life as well.  Blood seals Jesus’ covenant (Luke 22.20), we are justified by Jesus’ blood (Romans 5.9), we are purchased with Jesus’ blood (Ephesians 1.7), we are cleansed by Jesus’ blood (Hebrews 9.22).  But how?  When?  Where?

            Blood is life.  Water is life.  Blood is life because there is water in it.  Water is life because there is blood in it.  Blood is in the water.

            Jesus states clearly that to enter the kingdom we must be born again of water and Spirit (John 3.5).  Birth is through water.  We know this.  We develop in amniotic fluid, are sustained by our mother’s blood.  Birth is through water.  So also, new birth is through water.  Without water there is no new birth – Jesus says so.  Forgiveness comes at baptism (Acts 3.38), baptism is when we die, are buried, and are raised to walk in newness of life with Jesus (Romans 6.1-6), baptism is when we are saved (I Peter 3.21).  Blood saves.  Baptism is how we are saved, where we are saved, and when we are saved because there is blood in the water.

            Without blood there is no life.

            Without water there is no blood

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